The DNA of Emission free shipping association

Starting a new organization is like a new relationship. Everything is new and it all needs to be sorted out. Getting a bank account, deciding what kind of organisational form we want and very importantly, which logo and colours we are going to use. It feels a little like decorating my house together with my brand new girlfriend and later on sorting out what to wear at my wedding. There are many choices to be made. But one thing is of the upmost importance. Different from a new relationship is that you start a new story instead of combining two existing stories. It is more like having a new child. We can decide on the name and in de beginning influence the way it should be raised. But now we can decide on the DNA of our new organisation.

But what is DNA of an organisation and why is it so important to set this right. From my perspective the DNA of an organisation is the story for which the organisation stands for and creates the drive for people to work for or with the organisation. It binds companies and people together and differentiate it from others.

Our DNA should be a story which describes the origin, purpose and goals of the organisation, like the strings of the DNA in our cells. It should be a short one, which can be copied multiple times without being changed. So having said that, I should give it a try to write down this short story of Emission Free Shipping Association and hopefully connect with you and others who wants to join, cooperate and spread our story.

The story of emission free Shipping Association:
Climate change due to human behaviour is a fact. Shipping must also take action to do its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The problem can be solved, but that means a strong effort from the maritime industry. The effort also comes with a great opportunity. This generation has the chance to help this beautiful and very important industry to become sustainable and ready for the next generations to come. EFSA wants to work for the companies in the maritime world who want to make the change towards a GHG free or neutral shipping. We don’t want to answer the question about greenhouse gas reduction by shipping with ‘Yes, but’. We want to say ‘Yes, how’ and speed up the process.
EFSA wants to help overcome the technical and the policy burdens. Identify the obstacles and find a way forward. Create policy incentives which make the emission free technologies economically feasible.

This is Emission Free Shipping Association. Let’s make this happen on our watch!!

David Anink

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