Emission Free Shipping Association active at IMO’s 5th intersessional meeting on Green House Gas to work on its strategy

9th of May 2019. In preparation of the 74th meeting of IMO’s Maritime Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC 74), IMO is holding its 5th Green House Gas (GHG) intersessional session at IMO’s headquarters in London. Sieger Sakko of EFSA is attending this meeting as part of the Dutch delegation. During this meeting the national delegations from all around the world together with industry representatives will work on the further out role of the initial strategy on GHG reduction measures for ships as set during MEPC 72. Participating in this meeting, gives EFSA the chance to bring forward its views on how to speed up the transition towards GHG neutral ships.

The EFSA strategy consists of a three pillar approach. The first pillar focusses on the existing ships. How to optimize these ships without losing their value and position in the market.  The second pillar focusses on new to-be-build ships. Once they hit the market, they need to be competitive towards the existing fleet. The third pillar focusses on R&D. For a successfull and speedy transition, we need to work towards dominant solutions. Only then is a speedy out role of GHG reducing technology possible.

Summarizing: keep the balance between the existing fleet and the new builds. Both need measures to keep their value and competitiveness and not to slow down their transition toward GHG neutral ships. A system of compensation and stimulation for both need to be in place. An important role for flag states to set up such systems. Secondly the R&D needs to get focus. This brings certainty to investors when they have to invest in new tonnage and creates opportunities for countries and port to invest in infrastructure which is necessary for the fuels and ships of the future. A coordinated approach from all industry groups can give this focus to the technical developents.

We need everybody on board to work on the transition to a Green House Gas free shipping industry!

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