C-job Naval Architects supporter of Emission Free Shipping Association

May 24th 2019. EFSA welcomes C-job Naval Architects as a supporter of Emission Free Shipping Association and its ambition to work proactively towards a Greenhouse Gas free shipping industry.

EFSA is happy to have the support of C-Job Naval Architects. With the input of C-job Naval Architects, EFSA will continue to work on the Roadmap 2050, a way towards GHG neutral shipping in 2050. EFSA will present the roadmap to its supporters at the end of this year. Basis of the roadmap will be the three pillar apporach of EFSA:

  • The first pillar focusses on the existing ships. How to optimize these ships without losing their value and position in the market.
  • The second pillar focusses on new to-be-build ships. Once they hit the market, they need to be competitive towards the existing fleet.
  • The third pillar focusses on R&D. For a successful and speedy transition, we need to work towards dominant solutions. Only then is a speedy out role of GHG reducing technology possible.

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