2020: A clear course towards decarbonisation of international shipping and an active role for Emission Free Shipping Association

14th of January 2020. After one year of existence, the ambition of Emission Free Shipping Association (EFSA) still stands. We want to work proactively on reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from shipping with an aim of a GHG free shipping industry in 2050. To do this work we need supporters. In 2019 we have got the confirmation that the industry is willing to change and that some of them want to give this will to change a voice.

Our supporter base consists of 10 companies varying from cargo owners, banks, ship owners and ship design companies and we are still growing. It gives us the basis to continue our work. 2019 was the year of creating a new organisation, this year we will give it a voice which will be heard by the industry and policy makers. Our ambition is to attend many relevant events and we will become more active at IMO and EU.

With the ambition of IMO to finalise the short term measures and to start working on the midterm measures from the initial strategy on GHG, we can expect many proposals. Some of these have already seen daylight. The ship owners have come forward with a proposal on setting up an International Maritime Research Board financed by an International Maritime Research Fund, which will be filled by a surcharge of several dollars on every ton of fossil fuel sold around the world. The proposal gives a good start of the debate on how to finance the obstacles in the transition towards GHG free shipping. However we think much more is necessary to create enough financial stimuli to help the industry to go through a speedy and smooth transition with equal opportunities for all parties involved.

IMO also opened the floor on the issue of classification of future fuels. New fuels such as hydrogen and bio fuels need to be assessed on their CO2 reduction potential. This depends on the production chain of the fuel. Therefor IMO will develop guidelines on assessing new fuels. We are of the opinion that this is an important step, because it will determine how future measures will take into account the GHG reduction potential of new fuels.

The European Union have started to work on measures to include international shipping in the European Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) . This increases the pressure on IMO to deliver and avoid regional measures.

We, as Emission Free Shipping Association, will have a busy year with many events and meetings to attend. We will focus on three main objectives:

  • Communicate the general position of EFSA: a GHG free shipping industry by 2050 via a smooth transition with equal opportunities for all parties involved
  • Bring forward our position on financing the transition to a GHG free shipping industry by using our three pillar approach.
  • Contribute to the debate on classification of future fuels

We expect that this year might show us the contours of the framework in which the transition towards a sustainable shipping industry will take place. EFSA will continue to represent the proactive industry who wants to contribute to this transition and is convinced that we can do this together.

Join EFSA to work together on the smooth transition towards a carbon free shipping www.emissionfreeshipping.com


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