The focus of EFSA (Emission Free Shipping Association) will be to facilitate a plateau for dialogue at all levels, to help to create a broad industrial strategy and to create networks where people and companies can meet and discuss the challenges ahead.
EFSA will help the industry to create the right incentives to speed up the implementation of new emission free technology within the industry. EFSA wants to help to create the tipping point which makes emission free technology economically feasible.
EFSA will do this by sitting at the table of influential bodies such as IMO and the EU. At this point one of our first goals is to get IMO NGO status and have direct access to the international dialogue.

Industry chain

We believe that industry should be organised around a subject instead of around a sector. In our case: Emission Free Shipping. The Emission Free Shipping Association will be an organisation for all industry parties who are needed to succeed in this area. Not limited to one sector. Ship owners, ship builders, knowledge centres, supply companies, energy industry, banks etc. need to sit around the same table and set out a strategy and learn from one another.

EFSA is open to all parties involved such as but not limited to:

  • Ship owners
  • Cargo owners
  • Ship builders
  • Energy companies
  • Banks
  • Supply companies
  • Knowledge centres
  • Port companies
  • Etc.


Create a network of front runners

  1. Get consultative status at IMO
  2. Set up an industry policy supported by the members
  3. Create an international network focusing on Europa, Asia, IMO and the USA
  4. Start collecting intelligence to support the work of EFSA
  5. Start a PR campaign to spread the goals of EFSA across in the industry and policy makers
  6. Help companies to work on their own sustainable goals set in their own company policies


EFSA will be working on the following themes:
Change towards the decarbonized business model for international shipping
Overview of technology development and support of pre competitive technology development
Level playing field, how can a todays company keep up with the changes ahead and remain competitive for the decades to come.
Developing legislation and incentives national, regional and world wide (IMO, EU Asia etc)
Creating Industry standards
Collecting intelligence for supporters of EFSA and use this to support the work on the other topics.


David Anink: anink@emissionfreeshipping.com tel:+31 6 5587 01 61

David Anink is a maritime professional who has been working on maritime air emission reduction measures since 2005. As an officer on board tankers and RoRo vessels, he has gained knowledge of the impact of shipping on the environment.

Sieger Sakko: sakko@emissionfreeshipping.com  tel: +31 6 1241 57 49

Sieger Sakko has sailed all the oceans in all merchant ranks, established maritime industry associations, achieved lobby success within the IMO & EU and was commercially successful in the renewable industry

Sieger Sakko & David Anink

Sieger Sakko & David Anink


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